Helping people sell and buy businesses as an TRANSWORLD Business Advisor is a REAL job with the opportunity for the right individuals to “Work Without Limits” on their personal earnings and wealth creation while learning from some of the best in the industry.

The business broker and intermediary industry is fractionated and underdeveloped.  This is an industry where a person who understands businesses and how they work, can make a real difference in your client’s life and your own.  Business people want and need the services we offer and are pleased when they find out we are there to help.  Spend more time doing the job of an advisor and less time hunting and competing for clients.

Many states including California require a real estate license to sell business opportunities, even when real estate is not involved!  If you ask a business owner if he knows of a real estate professional who could help him sell his building or his home, most likely he will say yes and list off several.  Now ask him if he knows someone who can help him sell his business and the chances are, he has no idea.

Business owners make decisions to sell their businesses for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes due to death, or divorce or urgent financial need.  Other times it is for retirement.

If you consider that the United States is now entering into the Age of the Trillion Dollar Opportunity for wealth creation as millions of baby boomers are approaching retirement age and desperately looking for a way to create a liquidity event for themselves and their loved ones by transferring, or selling their lifetime investments of money, time, and energy in their closely held businesses.

The problem is that less than ten percent (10%) of business owners have professional counsel on how to plan and execute their eventual retirement from the businesses that sustained them and their families for decades. Most business owners approaching retirement mistakenly believe that the businesses they have built over their lifetimes will have to close or go out of business when they eventually retire.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you will have in your community when you share an alternative strategy to sell their businesses as an on-going concern and allow them to retire early and enjoy the “Golden Years” of retirement, playing golf, traveling, and enjoying all that life has to offer, free of financial constraints.

Transworld Business Advisors of Benicia is actively seeking business professionals who would like to join us in this exciting area of consulting.  We provide training in our West Palm Beach Corporate home office, generous commissions, a beautiful office setting and much more.  Please send contact with a copy of your resume, and your CalBRE license status, i.e. plan to apply, applied, currently a broker, or agent.